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JauntyKapp(s) is a collaboration between Klaus "Kappi" Kappes* /Das Königshaus/Kloudworks/ from Germany and Joe Jaunty**, streetmusician from Sweden.

*Under Kappi´s "kapp" (cap) is hidden a great instrumentalist and songwriter, he also does most of the mixing. He always dreams in stereo and persists that a day without a song is a wasted day!
His pocket´s are full of checks. Soundchecks that is.....he has yet to find out how to transform tunes into gold.....but someday - yes, someday.....

**Joe´s voice is heralded all over the world. His guitarplaying for some reason are not ;) He thinks in black and white and transforms his thoughts into words.
Mr Jaunty is the lyricmaker. In a world that doesn´t make sense to him, letters make a sentence...and somehow keeps him sane. Well, sort of.....

You might ask- is it JauntyKapp or JauntyKapps?
This is something Reporters, Interviewers and Showhosts (and Papparazziz of course) are going to debate over for decades to come.....

The name JauntyKapp(s) is an Allegoric combination of Joe´s and Kappi´s last names as well as a wink to thinking-caps and hats. They both wear caps as well as work together under the same hat, eeh.....I mean - cap!
So - 2 minds under the same cap - is CAPS. With an "S" at the end. (But it is spelled "Kapps"). Still - they function as 1 - thinking, writing, playing, singing - sharing the same Cap, without the "S".....

We are glad to have cleared things up for You......

Ladies & Gentlemen - keep your hats on (or caps)
- cos here is - JAUNTYKAPP!

with an "S".........

(or not)



A call to heaven
by the silvery moon
operator in the Stars!

I dial a number
to the Saturn rings
please connect me - to Mars!

Spherical - Spherical
You´re in orbit in my
orbit in my mind

I launch my rocket into the Sky
and it explodes!

3 - 2 - 1...

I´m an Astronaut - You make me levitate
I don´t ever want to come down
to Earth again...

Spherical - Spherical
You´re in orbit in my
orbit in my mind

Spherical - Spherical
You are always on my
always on my mind!


Here I come.....

"Houston - we are NOT having a problem..."


I call to Heaven by the silvery moon
I got a connection...


3 - 2 - 1 - Levitate...........


from SPHERICAL, released September 12, 2014



all rights reserved


JauntyKapp´s Neuss, Germany

Klaus Kappes, Germany
Joe Jaunty,

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